Saturday, November 06, 2004

Today read this article in Star paper Compulsive shopping a sign of deeper problems. You see, topic and things to do with shopping, sales ad sure caught my attention. Really a problem if we shop without control. The topic describe some point really closed to me, but for me I'm still not to that extend

A number of people become shopaholics to cope with their low moods. They don’t need, or particularly want, an item, but shopping makes them feel better, so they become compelled to do it.

“I shop quite a lot, almost everyday, because I work near a shopping centre. I don’t really buy expensive things but I will buy whatever I like without really thinking about it. It makes me feel good especially after a bad day at work,” says Wong.

It is very true that shopping really can make us happy and feel good. When tension, anxiety or depression, this is one of the activity I used to do. I control myself by using those I have in my purse only, not not and no no to touch credit card. Once I swipe the amount won't be small. having great wish list, and the desire is never ending. The major one is they do not have enough shoes and cloth. is it? give me 5 !

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