Saturday, November 13, 2004

Holiday busy....

Have been not blogging for 3 days, although I on-leave on these few day 11/11-16/11. Things are getting roll-on after our parent met to talk about marriage. Our big day would be on 3rd APRIL 2005. Not too long, not too short. Many many to-do things need to get done. The most important now is getting the dinner venue set, and list down all the dinner attandees. Can't listed all here, will get updating if possible.

Mum have been preparing, make discussion with me and make decision for me for almost everything, her suggestion are the most valuable one. As I don't really know what things to follow eg. chinese wedding ceremony culture those give and take. From there she also teach me a lot, for some I also ask for the meaning of doing it. Just learn from her.

Suddently have a feel that, I going to leave her soon, as I going to married. Can't see her everyday, sure I misssss her cook and her pampered. And, my family also will going to miss a home organiser and a person who always remind each other. I will treasure all the moment with them... tears wet my eye

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