Saturday, November 06, 2004

Cinderella alive

Today my cousin sis - Evan's birthday, she invites me to join her in Bar Fly at 11.30pm. I've been n'th months not clubbing. ok..At first I think of not joining her coz of my transport problem and I know it really let her down. Surprisingly, after an hour I appear to her, I can see how the joyous she have on her face, yes I was happy too that I'm able to join her. She dress up sexy enough, eye of guys all follow on her.

She spend me whisky and we dance together. Her bunch of fren so friendly enough, and got to know some of them, total 20 of them. I pretty miss clubbing very much, it was like tonight I'm alive!. hahaha...I drink a few glasses n took a few pic, will show u later. 2am back home safely.

My next clubbing would be on 20/11, Heineken Thirst Event at Zouk, another place I'm longing to have a look. Hopefully I can make it. Since my colleague and me we are handling this beer project, hopefully she able to get some invitation pass from client. Last time client did offer her Guinness Black Party passes but she not took it coz she dun have partner to go with. So now I told her if got any event on I can be her partner, we both go enjoy enjoy..

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