Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Date changed

Due to the previous set on wedding day was not so good, our parents agree that the wedding date would have it early which is on the 27-FEB-2005. Suddently become more busy, coz the day is near, I still haven't get my dinner venue. Ohh gosh! the next thing I want to do is get the dinner venue set. I went to book at my favourite restaurant. Anyway before go I already know that sure no place for me, coz those good days for wedding sure not much left, somemore that my date is very near from now. OK...nevermind, when I asked about it they do not have place anymore. Thank God that they offer us another restaurant which going to open soon. So not think any longer I book the place.

These few days I really so tired to do all these, not a easy task. To comfirm this and that, now consider major things done. Start calling up, SMS to inform friends of the day for those I plan to invite. Next I will get myself a cheong sam, comfirm costume with bridal house, go for facial treatment and body treatment, to get prepare myself to feel great on my big day ;)

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