Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Take survey get free voucher

A month ago, I was taking the travel survey from Planet Pulse. I just go a head to answer some questions since got free stuff and to check if this thing is work to get this voucher. On and off between these period of time, I got invitation for answering survey too, but couldn't make for the second time yet as sometime the slot full or I'm being disqualified.

1 month time later, to my surprise, I got the meal voucher mail to me. It is a voucher for free meal at Pizza Hut worth RM12+ as stated in the website with expiry date next year April.

If you are interested in doing survey and earn from survey, you can join too by clicking here -> http://www.planet-pulse.com/mytravel/index.php?rid=303595.

Happy ~~~

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Sean said...

I joined it long long times ago, I requested payout last month, but still in pending... so slow...