Thursday, December 27, 2007

Best memories of 2007

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For me, the year 2007 had a lot of happiness (and hope for 2008). Happiness because i see my son, grow and grow day by day. I have a great husband. I met lots of new friends from around the world via blogging ^_^ - Juliana RW

In 2007, I become happier than before because my hubby’s got promotion and sure his salary had been increased. This had made my life more comfortable but everything seemed to cost an arm and a leg nowadays. The happiest memory is I see Nelson’s tummy becoming bigger and bigger, he can now count number 1 to number 10, by my guidance. He loves eating and he enjoys every meal. He gives us a lot of happiness by the way he mimic our talking style and making such lovely faces. At first, I was so scared to look after him but now I hope he can be with me all the time. Even I feel tired everyday but I feel my life is meaningful. Hazel

Looking back at 2007, it signifies a few milestones of my life.. the major one of course being the birth of baby zen.. awwww... He was absolutely a delight, though there were times when we were so worried he was not getting enough milk.. as he wasn't gaining weight as much as he should. Now, looking at him, we feel that we had done something right in our lifetime to deserve such such a wonderful baby.. Thank you hubby for giving us baby zen :-) sting

This year has been another roller-coaster year for me. The best memories are the time when Aldrin uttered words of promises to me that things would be better this year onwards although until end of the year nothing much has improved. Also the best memories when I first got my pay slip and saw that it was true that I got a 47% salary raised from my lowly unjustified old salary. I am also happy to see my beloved sister happily got married and watching Jojo (my dog) grow up to be an adorable, beautiful and obedient 2 year old ;p - Amidrin

Year 2007, is where I fully carry out the roll of being a mummy to Terry. I begin to learn how to appreciate the love and care from my parents and try my best to repay them. No other things that so meaningful than I brought up Terry completely healthy and happy as who he is today. Accompany him to grow is the priceless moments - the moment he turn 1 year old, starts to walk, all the cheeky gesture, happy laughing and etc...He has brought us a lot laughter and happy moments at home. I'm so proud of my boy for he have gain lots of praises and pat everywhere he went for being good in an overall. For myself, I'm happy that I can make a good payout in blogging and glad to know many good friends out there. Most great is that I able to help many in blogging. ~ lemonjude

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