Thursday, December 13, 2007

Avent teats

Since very very long time ago I was looking for Avent fast flow teat (No. 4) to change the set which have used for long. I check everywhere at departmental store like Jusco and Isetan and some other babycare outlet, I just couldn't locate any of that. All only selling newborn teats. Others bigger teats are not available. During that time I'm not bother to ask why it is not selling. I was try my best to check for it everytime during my shopping.

Last Sunday in Jusco I finally ask a sales girl for Avent how come bigger teats no stock for so long. She gave me a reply said she also not sure the reason why it is out of stock. Is kinda not professional at all for not knowing the products well. So, I not bother what she told me, until 2 days ago, I finally found it at Mothercare, Mid Valley. Quickly I bought it with or without discount.

There I saw many stock for 6 months+ and for variable flows teat. Only lack of teats no. 3 only. The different I saw is the distributor is not Kinderdjik anymore, it is under Philip now. The old pair of teats is already 9 months old. Can image how long I have used it, for just couldn't get it to change.

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kiasumum said...

i'm lookin for this quite long time too so hv no choice to ask my sis to lookout for me in sg but also not available, according to them they had stopped production for 6mth except for variable flow. now oni available for 3mths.