Friday, December 21, 2007

No update for 18 months yet?

*This picture was captured and upload to Blogger through my mobile.*

I'm posting the picture only from my mobile with the feature Send as Email. It is work! Now, we can compose email to Publish blog post, it is just so convenient. We do not need to login Blogger and wait the browser to load. It takes longer time to load Blogger when access Internet using GPRS. Now, I can make new post whenever I want. Yeah, I know Blogger have this setting, but now I only try using it and realised that it is really so convenient.

Very easy to do this setting. Go to Settings -> Email. At Mail-to-Blogger Address, it shows yourblogname. <blank> In the blank space fill in your desire extension you want to complete the email address. For eg. Follow by check the Publish emails immediately then you are done. Posts submit everywhere using the email address, you will get your post immediatedly up in the blog.

When compose using email, this is what you need to do. At subject line put the title of the post. To insert picture - you can either copy the image and paste into the text column or send as file attachement then write your post like usual. By using copy-paste, you can adjust where you want your image to be appear. For file attachment, the image will be appear on the top part of your post only. Click Send and you are done. Your post will appear in your blog immediatedly.

As mention in the title, this lagging mummy is not update her son's 18 months old progress yet.


Sean said...

You have a coOL cell phone that allows you to update blog thru it~!

Lemonjude said...

Now cell phone can use internet is not that expensive should get that too..

slavemom said...

Terry's edi 19 mths wor. And u r so tech-savvy. Blog oso update via phone. Well, we r modern women, rite? Must go with the flow. ;)

huisia said...

wah,that's cool,i am so keen to try it out. :)

Lemonjude said...

slavemom: Yeah, he is 19 months old now and his 18th month milestones still not yet being recoded now..With blog update from mobile it is more easier when we are not using computer. Of cause that only for short post.

huisia: yeah, you will happy when you able to blog from mobile ;)