Thursday, December 06, 2007

More things he can do

@ 18 months, 2 weeks old

This week is better, Terry can finally sleep early at 11.30pm. Think he have pass the over excitement days of walking here and there. Since after he able to walk by himself, he is more brush up on some skills.

First, I make him to throw his own diapers. I would say "throw" and he will reach out his hand tp make the throwing action. Somedays, if he refuse to let me change, I will say comes lets throw diaper. Then, he will stay quiet and let me pull down his pant and change. After changing, he will hold his heavy weight diaper in both hand happily, walk to the kitchen, stretch out his both hands and leave down the diaper slowly into the dustbin. Then, he will give me a satisfaction smile and happy that he can did it.

Secondly, I instruct him to put back the things he digged out. Previously, he will just leave it there and run away. Now, I will get him to put it back first before he move. So far so good, he is able to clear up all. If there is 1 or 2 pieces left out, I will point to it and he will pick it up, open the drawer and put it back.

Third, instruct him to bring things from a distance. Once I ask him to bring things to me, he will happily get it for me. Then, he able to put it back to the same place too, when it is done. Sometime when he is playful, he will bring and go a few times and he laugh there. He is very listen and take my instruction well. When he about run towards some dangerous area or I'm not going to follow him to the places, I said "cannot go" then he will pause and walk back to me with a crying face.
The small ball have been sitting at a corner for sometimes. Last weekend, daddy played with him and he is so excite and happy to chase it. I begin to teach him kick, push and throw. Since he can only stand up with support, when the ball goes away, he wants to pick it back. After he hold to stand but couldn't grab the ball. If grab the ball with both hands first, he couldn't get just so funny to watch his skill on how he did that, to grab ball first or to stand first. But I will help him on that.


Amidrin said...

Wow! Your boy is so smart and good at listening to your instruction. You must be a great mummy who is about to teach him do those things without much fuss. I am happy to see that you are doing well, so much difference from my life although we are same age.

slavemom said...

Terry's such a good boy. He takes instructions vy well. I still hv probs asking CE to keep the toys/books that he's made a mess of.

huisia said...

seems like Terry likes to throw things..LOL