Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Going holiday with your baby?

Year end now, holiday mood. everybody is try to taking long leave to go for vacation or family outing. I bet those who having small baby at home, you will head ache on packing his stuff. Last time, whenever we go other places over night, the car boot is full of his things.

Babies tend to be low-maintenance travellers who sleep a good deal of the time. Even so, they need a remarkable amount of gear to help them stay comfortable and happy. This checklist of items you shouldn't travel without, plus tips for easy, efficeint packing.
  • Nappies
  • Baby blanket(s)
  • Resealable plastic bags
  • Nappy rash cream
  • Baby wipes
  • Baby bath and lotion
  • Tissues
  • Clothes
  • Washable bibs
  • Bottles
  • Sun hat and sun screen (at least sun protection factor 20)
  • Food, formula, water and/or juice
  • Breast pump
  • Nightlight
  • Baby sling
  • Travel cot
  • Baby car seat for safe travel by car, plane, train, or bus
  • Collapsible buggy

Packing Tips

Start preparing to pack a few weeks before you travel. Keep an ongoing list of items to bring, or put items out on a table or chest of drawers as you think of thm

Use a baby bag with a waterproof lining and a shoulder strap.

Pack an extra shurt ot top of yourself in your hand luggage in case of accidents.

Prevent leaks by packing medicines and toiletries in re-sealable plastic bags.

Bring a 60cm square of plastic or a changing mat put under your baby during nappy changes.

Keep an energy-boosting snack handy for yourself.

Bring your camera and plenty of film or digital memory cards.

Bring a clip-on reading light so you can read without disturbing your baby.


vickylow said...

Judy I prefer the wipeable bib, those in rubber or plastic on front. ;)

Lemonjude said...

Yeah, plastic one is good too. Can wipe dry after wash.