Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas at Pavilion KL

Dong Zhi on Saturday went back to FIL's place to have dinner. We ate at 3.30pm (very early) as FIL and 2 SIL will be going to airport at 8pm. After dinner, we make a trip down to Pavilion KL. There I saw the real nice white Christmas decoration at the mall. My first time there and here is another big mall.

Taking the whole place of old Bukit Binatang School stretch till to the old Eden restaurant there. All shops are selling higher price range of things. We just window shop there. Right when we are at Concourse area to snap some pic with the white tree. This is how Terry looks like when he gazed up the drop down Christmas lighting. Then, we saw Santa Claus and Santarina on the stage and ppl are queuing up to take photo with them. So, we also went to snap from them. It only cost RM1 for a 4R size photo taken by a photographer there.

Scrapbook from Be Merry Quick Page

He almost cry out when Santa wanted to hold him, there later once I carry him with a sweet passed from the Santarina, he stop crying and the photographer quickly snap 1 take only. Luckily he not making big fuss there. He was very tired also since he only take 1 nap before out the house at 2pm. He walk and play a lot at FIL there and we are continue to shop somemore. No choice we got to borrow a stroller from Pavilion reception and let him sit.
He just too tired to make any move after we put him on the stroller. In about 10 minutes, he fall asleep. So, I got a peaceful mind to shop. Walk into a few shops for clothes and shoes. Nothing catchy to my eyes. Once Terry wakes, pack some foods then we back home.


huisia said...

woo..the Pavilion very nice. I always like white decoration :)

Mummy to QiQi said...

Judy, u all macam got theme...wear white and red to Pavillion. Yur hb shud get a red pants!

sting said...

that's a nice family photo :-) merry christmas!

Health Freak Mommy said...

We went to Pavillion too. Very nice Xmas decor. Happy Boxing Day to you & your family :)

vickylow said...

nice family photo.

Hazel said...

i haven't been to Pavillion before hoping to go there soon the service is so good hah provide stroller for children..