Friday, December 14, 2007

Just a SIMPLE life (Part III)

There is this tennis coach ask his student, "If the tennis ball falls into the grass field, how to find it?"
Someone said, find from the center point of the field. Some said, start to find from those hollow point and some said starts from the place where the grass is growing the longest.
In reply to his student, the coach proclaim that, act accordingly to the usual way, whereby to start finding it from one point of the grass field to another end.
> It is just so simple to be successful, just like when you count 1 to 10, do not skip it. <

There is a shop owner always light up his shop so brightly. One asked, what kind of light tube is he using in his shop and it is so durable.
The shop owner replied that, actually their light tube is always get damage too, it is just that once it spoil they change it.
> It is just so easy to maintain the brightness, just need to replace it frequently. <

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