Thursday, December 13, 2007

Get ready for Christmas

Since I have bought some Christmas gifts, I've wrap them up yesterday. All these are for my In-Law family and my family. I have yet to buy gift for hubby and some friends. No idea on what to get yet. Note that the small Christmas hat, that's for my boy! I will put it on for him on Christmas day. He is trying to take it off now when I test wear on him.
This year Christmas day, my church will arrange the celebration during noon time at a big rented air-con hall. We have own-cook buffet, performances and door gift. Just s simple one. Targeted 500 peoples to attend. I'm yet to invite some of my friends to join the party. Almost get ready for this Christmas. What about you?


L'abeille said...

Aiyor yor..the little boy with the Christmas hat is so cute! Hehe..

You've just reminded me to wrap up the gifts I bought..sigh

Amidrin said...

hahaha... you boy so cute with the Christmas hat ;p

Lemonjude said...

l'abeille: Fast-fast get ready lorr..

amindrin: Yeah, I do think so...haha