Thursday, December 13, 2007

Funny sarcastic joke

Hubby: Wow, how come you buy this expensive bra? Looks that you doesn't have a nice boob.
Wife: Well, if according to that, then you can save down the money to buy your men's underwear!
Hubby: .....

The wife is standing on the weighting scale.
"Dear, come and see I have lost weight of 2kg."
"Dear, that because you didn't put up your make up." Hubby replied.

Son: Mum, why you grow white hair?
Mum: Because you always make me angry and this is how the white hair can grow.
Son: Then, those white hairs on grandma must caused by you?
Mum: *speechless*

Lee invited Wong to his house to be his dinner guest.
At his home, Wong keep hearing Lee calling "Dear" to address his wife.
Wong very impress of that and told Lee this,"Hey, it is not easy ya. You both have been married for nearly 10 years, you still sounds so sweet to call your wife."
"Actually...." Lee whispered to Wong,
"I already forgotten her name since long time ago."

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Amidrin said...

hahaha...this is funny. I like the last one.