Monday, December 10, 2007

Christmas shopping

Yesterday I skipped church also missed baby Joshua fullmoon party as I told hubby we want to shop for Christmas. Packed Terry's porridge then we go and reach Mid Valley at around 12pm. Still manage to get a car park easily at The Gardens there, but it is so full at Megamall.

I foresee drama of cranky will happen as Terry not having any nap since wake up in the morning. When I put him down to walk he just don't want. Stroller stop he make noise, carry him to walk and stop by he make noise. So on and off stroller sit a while and carry a while. While hubby looking for trousers, he begin to warm up and get active. He walks here and there, round and round, make fun with promoters and poke those items that he can reach. I just follow him for not knocking down the things around and faster pull him off if he touches on anything. He only get quiet down when I feed him porridge while waiting hubby to finish his shop. He still not get tired, we proceed to Isetan. My turn to get my things. We walk separately, hubby bought him away without stroller and I shop with the stroller.

Try on some dresses but non of that suit my taste..I just so hate my body shape. I need to fit in L size now. Nice dresses looks kinda big, nothing good when put on. Hubby was at Men's dept and plan to look for something. But since he carry Terry, he not able to stop by and have a look. And the small boy he don't want to carry, so just let him down to walk. He begin to open drawers and walk by his own, not even want hubby to hold him. Bring him to kids playroom, he even fight for toys with other kids.

After around 1 hour, I got nothing and start looking for hubby, can't even get to call him. Isetan no line I wait at outside. Finally met them and I can see my hubby face is so tired handling him. A quick one hubby when to Men's dept and shop away 2 shirts. So I got to be the follower again. My boy again non-stop walking and rounding. He try to poke and wanted to take those expensive Men's fragance on the shelf..I faster carry him away. I no money to pay that if broken.

Then we proceed to Megamall. Finally Terry feel tired, that almost 3pm. He not even want to make more moves in the stroller already, totally exhausted. Daddy and mummy too. So we just stroll slowly walking towards Megamall in hope that he can fall a sleep in the moving stroller. Finally, he did. We get so relieved after that. It was sooooo pack in Megamall. Really hard to make a quick move. Christmas decoration is yucks there. Like a jungle, the worst one ever. We don't even take a lunch and continue to shop. Since it is so pack and Terry is sleep. So hubby sit a side and wait for me to shop at Jusco.

Since I have a list with me, mostly shop for Christmas gift for family. So I just walk to the related place to choose it, then queue up in the long cashier to pay. It is quite fast 1 hour plus, I'm done. Now only left 2-3 items more to complete the list. Terry manage to nap for 2 hours in the stroller while waiting me to shop.

It is a real hectic 5 hours spending there. With a small kid to shop is really tiring and exhausted...I don't know where I got the energy to walk and chasing with only having 3 pieces of bread and milk in the morning and last till around 5.30pm. Quickly we pack something back home to eat after leaving Megamall. I got to speed up as I got wedding dinner to attend. I was so so tired and hungry. Once reach home, shower Terry, wallop the food, bath myself, feed Terry, make up and rush out the house. My friend is downstair waiting me to go dinner.

Reach Tai Thong Restaurant in SS2 at 7.30pm with a slight rain drops. Hubby and boy stay at home. There was something happen before the wedding dinner, stay tune!


Amidrin said...

Wow! Really seems like a pretty hectic day... If I am you, I won't go shopping for the day if I have a wedding dinner to attend to in the same evening. I really admire your energy and determination to get things done on time even when having your kids around. Kudos to you!

Lemonjude said...

Thats the only convenient time I have. I hardly can have time shop with hubby on Sunday.

Well, with good planning can one..although it is a very tired shop.