Friday, December 14, 2007

Goat in year of Rat

Received an email talking about some general feng shui during 2008 the year of Rat and also some detail one on each chinese zodiac sign. Although I'm not so believe on what it tells, but no harm reading it. Here is what it says on me.

This is a fantastic year for those who are born in the year of the Goat. This is the time to implement your plans and to reap the fruits of labor that you have sowed. You will get the support and assistance from the relevant people easily. Though your luck is generally extremely good this year, remember to stay humble and always have contingency plans because there are many sudden crises too. Do not let arrogance get in your way. There are signs of legal problems this year too. Hence, avoid any illegal activities. Though you will be able to cope with the obstacles that arise this year, do not attempt to push your luck. Do tread with caution too.

Your career luck is very good. This is a good time to shine at work. You will get support from your authority figures such as your boss or the management. If you are in business, you will get the support of your clients and your business will do very well this year. Remember that while you prosper, always make contingency plans and expand conservatively. This year, there tends to be sudden incidents that may cause problems. You do not want to be caught off guard by it.

This is a good year in terms of wealth. If you are investing, choose something that will grow steadily. If you are in business, allow your business to grow gradually. Do not rush into things. How good you are at conserving your wealth also depends on how well you are able to avoid legal situations.

There might be more quarrels or disputes between those who are already in relationships, as there will more frustration this year due to stress. Be more patient and it is more important to communicate. It is much more difficult than in previous years for those who are single to find the right partner. For those who are single there will be more concern about the stress caused by other aspects of life.

Be careful of illnesses that strike suddenly, for example, heart attacks and strokes. You are more accident prone than usual. Do not engage in any high-risk activities. This year, it is important to follow traffic rules carefully and not to exchange conveniences with regrets. If you are driving, ensure that you have adequate rest.

There are more betrayals or back-stabbings this year. Some people may be jealous of your success and decide to make life difficult for you. Do be aware of this and remain humble and polite.

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Mummy to QiQi said...

haha...know what yr u are from now :p
good to post it on blog, so easier to refer...y din i tot of this??