Friday, December 14, 2007

My Christmas wish list

I never ever make any of my Christmas wish list before. Since now I got so much time left before Christmas, I'm thinking of something that I so longing for this Christmas for physically, mentally and materially. Hope the Santa is kind enough to drop by here and grant my wishes. *wink* got to get ready the Christmas stocking too.

Here are a few:-
  1. Good health
  2. Peaceful
  3. More laughters and happiness, less worried
  4. Digital camera - Olympus Stylus 790 SW (silver)
  5. Purse
  6. More nice dresses
  7. Blender
  8. Swatch watch
  9. Jogoya buffet for whole family
  10. Buggy for Terry


JO-N said...

Hope your wishes come true.

Sasha said...

the camera is very detailed ah...*wink* siap with the model u like. Hope that yr wish come true

Lemonjude said...

jo-n: Thanks, you too.

sasha: Thanks, thats my most wanted item.

L'abeille said... many things in your wishlist ar.. must hang many smelly stockings in the house one wor, One for each present mar right? :p *joking joking*

Anyway, may all y our wishes come true yeah!

susankellogg said...

Good wishes! Especially this - More laughter and happiness. It is my wish too. At every Christmas.
Hope every your wish comes true. Good luck! And Merry Christmas!

Trinity said...

Judy, Santa can't give you that.. hehehe.. but God can.. *wink*

Lemonjude said...

L'abeille: Need a big bag instead of stocking..haha..

susankellogg: Thanks dropping by for the first time. May your wishes come true too and Merry Christmas!

trinity: Santa is just a human being ya, but God give us everything. You absolutely right!