Thursday, December 13, 2007

Another round Christmas shopping

Since last Sunday, I left some Christmas gift to complete the list, so Tuesday (Selangor holiday) I went again to MV and shop crazily. Hubby is off so he willing to stay at home and take care the small boy.

Early in the morning I prepared everything, cook porridge to both of them, then at 10.30am hubby send me to shopping. That day also the longest hours hub stay at home with my boy, whereby it between 2 rounds meal time to my boy. Reach MV rounghly around 11.30am, quickly look throught my list and walk to the shop that I want to get things from.

There is always no fail I will pay a visit to my ex-colleague when I'm there and of cause that got to be the during office hours in working day. Many of them so happy to met me again. During lunch time, I look for Amidrin. That's really my luxury time can have lunch with her. The feeling was so nice again it was like last time when we both go lunch together. We took our lunch at Prince Café and we chatted non-stop. Really time is like not enough, when there is something good happen. There are so much of things we want to update each other. In the 1 hour plus, We only manage to finish our lunch and walk a little while, then Amidrin got to back to work. So I shop alone after she goes off.

I continue to shop and shop and bought a full bag of things. Really so nice can shop peacefully and walk where I want. I didn't went over to The Gardens, since nothing much I afforded from there. Finally, after 3 hours plus shop I got myself a dress, all the Christmas gifts and jeans pant to my boy. I still got things to buy for shoe and purse. Will try to go shop again for those. Plan to get everything done in this December sales shopping for CNY clothes too. See how much I can buy...really, year end shopping is so killing...Money pour out like water.

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Amidrin said...

Ya, I can see that you are enjoying yourself pretty much doing shopping that day without having your boy tagging along. It's a short nice freedome ya? I am quite impress of the amount of things you could buy in just a few hours. That also because you already got a list ya. Great to hear that you enjoyed my company too!