Thursday, December 13, 2007

Just a SIMPLE life (Part I)

Once this person went for an interview. As he walked by the corridor, he picked up the waste paper and rubbish along the way and throw it into dustbin. So happen that the interviewer saw he did that. Hence, he got the job.
> It is just so simple to get recognized, just maintain a good habit. <

There was this young boy work in the bicycle workshop as a apprentice. Once a customer send over a kaput bicycle to repair. Not only he get it repair back in good condition, he even polish the bicycle and make it as beautiful as possible like a new one. The other senior worker laugh at his did for being too much in doing extra work. Later, the customer came to collect the bicycle. The next day, this young boy being employ over by the customer to work at his office.
> It is just so easy to go beyond, just suffer the little losses. <

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