Saturday, December 01, 2007

If money is not a concern

Long time L'abeille not tag me. 5 things to do if MONEY is not a concern. Suddenly got stuck, can't think of it, perhaps too many things can do with that...LOL!

  1. A total make over of myself or can be a little bit plastic surgery here and there.
  2. Shop and shop, travel and travel around the world together with my family.
  3. Eat the best food and wear the luxury piece.
  4. Buy a bigger house and hire few high quality maids.
  5. Offering to church missionary work.

What is your big dream Sting?


L'abeille said...

Wah... you're willing to be go for plastic surgery ar?

Amidrin said...

Plastic surgery? You are willing to go through the pain just for beauty?

sting said...

quality maids! yes, definitely!! haha.. thx for the tag ya :-)

Lemonjude said...

L'abeille & amidrin: Well I think I will, little bit only. Perhaps also eye lasik..haha.

Sting: Sure, maids no quality is killing man! Lets see what your big dream over there...hehe.