Monday, October 01, 2007

How to fake curry chicken

Curry chicken is one of my favorite dish for dinner. I cooked it in a very simple way and fast too. It minus curry leave, coconut milk (santan) and serai. A good 30 minutes can cook a complete dinner with this curry chicken and a stir fried vege served with white rice for 2 persons.

2 drumsticks, cut into small pieces
2 gloves garlic, chop fine
3 small onion, chop fine
3 table spoon curry chicken powder
1 table spoon salt
1.5 table spoon soya sauce

Cooking steps:-
  1. Marinate the chicken preferable 1-2 hours before cook with salt, soya sauce and curry powder. Store it back to the refrigerator. I'm using Baba's curry powder for chicken meat.
  2. Heat the wok with oil, add in garlic and small onion and cooked until it start to fragrant.
  3. Pour in the marinated chicken and cook till all well. No need to add other ingredient for taste.
  4. Pour in adequate water with lid close and slow cook it (braise) for 15 minutes.
Simple and easy right? Don't expect that the taste you getting like you go for a good complete curry chicken with all proper ingredients. This is when you run out of time you can still make a quick curry chicken. Optional, you can also add in potato cube.

Tonight, another simple dinner I'm going to do - stew pork and vege soup (bottle gourd + carrot). No need to heat my wok, less hassle!


L'abeille said...

Wah...cheng wor! Looks delicious..! said...

What a coincidence. I thought of curry chicken just now and went to buy the powder :P

Jesslyn said...

Add few potatoes, lagi look like real curry liao ! LOL

slavemom said...

Today I vy lucky.. this is the 2nd chicken recipe I've read. Thx!