Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Truth of Truth

Mummy-in-vain send this to me. This tag is kinda special and need to think one..nowadays tag posts become more and more challenging. This tag you need to create your own questions (8 some more originally) which people shouldn't ask or questions I hate and get tired answering.
  1. Why you become SAHM, go to work since you so young...
    Who don't know? I also want to work but hubby ask to stay at home. Doesn't like it at first. But now I got my blogging job although earning little. I like the freedom at home and at the same time can accompany my growing baby. When son grows up anytime can back to work, but the precious moment spend with him since baby, the time couldn't turn back and priceless.

  2. You pregnant again ah??
    Why so gan cheong, I still young I don't rush to get a second one. I know I got a flabby tummy. Mind you, who doesn't after give birth, a bit must have. I don't have Marie Claire to take care of my tummy part.

  3. Siew-lai-lai life so enjoy hor??
    Provided with a maid, got ppl help me take care of kid and I so free to do whatever I like. That more suitable for the title. As for SAHM siew lai lai worr.. busy then you work in office. No one take your turn to look after your baby. Go where also have to consider the small one first.

  4. Where you put this and that?
    I'm the house things memory database, once you put there forever I can remember the things is there. Anything lost or forget ask me where I put.

  5. Why don't you drive?
    I want, but no one let me go my own and trust my driving skill. Where got chance? So you ask me to go out got to be very 'ma fan'. I don't have transport.

  6. Terry so big already still cannot walk, he is so big size...
    Can I control that? all baby are different. God doesn't make you and me the same too.

  7. Why you no bringing your husband to church?
    I can't do anything if he is not willing to go. I just let God take place and show miracle on him. I hope he can see God's grace through Terry.

  8. No more....

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Your turn to tell me the truth in you.

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