Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Trim and treatment

Since CNY I have a soft curly and hi-lite hair, after that round, I never went to saloon to trim or wash. 10 months of own washing and manage, the soft curly is gone and I also never bother to do anything on it. Thinking of change my hair style too, but don't what looks good on me.

Since there are many wedding dinner to attend, last week have thought of wanted to go for a total change of hair style. But due to lack of time, I just went to did a simple trim and treatment. Since the curly have straighten so much, it makes my hair grow thick at the back and I feel hot especially when sleeping. I did a layered trim from the fridge and do a treatment too. My hair goes so bad before the treatment done, when its comb it get knot a lot.

After the cut, wash and treatment done, voila! my hair goes so soft and straight. I still prefer straight hair then curly hair as I like to comb my hair. During the days I'm having curly hair, I just feel not comfortable without combing it. After all I will still goes for curly as I find it more suit my face shape.

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