Monday, October 22, 2007

Food sanitizer

This is the machine my mum have used for many years. Since after having Terry, I started to used when I cooked at home. It used to cleans and sterilize the meats and vegetables, so that we not cook and eat up many chemicals in food. When foods bought back from market, I will wash and sterilized it, then only keep it in the fridge.

This ozone ionizer helps to generate ozone oxygen to purified the food. When the ozone contact with water, it able to break down residual traces of toxic agriculture chemicals and pathogens on meats, fruits and vegetables. It destroys disease-causing bacteria and viruses and other harmful chemicals in the process of growing and packaging food.

It is very easy to use, fill tap water cover up the pre-washed meats or vege and on the power. Place the ozone dispersion stone into the water which connect with the tube from the machine. Within a few minutes the foods will be 99.9% clean from harmful contaminants. It enhance the food taste and preserve freshness. The colour and texture of the meats makes difference too after sanitize. Not only used on food, you can make your own purified water to water plants, household use and also on personal use for facial, foot/mouth disease and etc.

In the middle of cleaning the pork and chicken meat. The dispersion stone generate ozone oxygen and runs in the water. It creates bubbles, which is actually those oxygen molecule oxidizes the particle. Bubbles mixed with a white/grayish sticky substance started to form a ring on the water's surface.
Cleaning done. Thats the amount of white/grayish I get. The texture is like mucus. Sometimes it is more, especially seafoods. The more the sticky substance it shows means the food having lots of contaminants.
Closed up view. The white thing is not fat. It turns black when it contact with fire burn.

Here, I found the sanitizer from eBay (I'm not trying to promote the product from this seller, just show a sample). It is much more cheaper than my unit. Other than meats and vege, I do clean the rice also and there are contaminants too. After food being purified, meats and vege no longer need to soak in salt water or tap water. You may not know that, actually soaking the vege and food will wash away lots of the minerals and vitamins in the food. For the sake of family health, it is worth to get one. After all foods are now very dirty and lots of chemical used in growing and planting process.


vickylow said...

I wonder where to get this stuff. It's toublesome to sterilize the food.

Lemonjude said...

Not really, I just do once a week after bought fresh from market. Like vege, you no need to soak already after purified.

Yeah, I also don't know where to get. Most likely appear in small booth or stall, but rarely.

karenyiau said...

Saw this on ebay too, am planning to get one soon, for the sake of my kids to be frank!

Mummy to QiQi said...

Judy, you are spotted by M&B! din know about this blog...Am going to blogroll u here. Hey, I have been looking for the ozone thing. thanks for the write up, let me know if u have got any tips to buy it. I can be reached at my email ya...

Trinity said...

wow... do I have to get one as well ya? hm... I will check, I think my mom in law has this thing..