Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Restaurant Kampung Ah Soh @ Bandar Puteri

It has been long I'm not dine out with my family. I have been asking my family to go dine at Bandar Puteri for many times, as I read a lot of blog saying there are many good restaurant around there and we stay so near there also never been. You see, we Malaysian got that habit, those places near our place one, we don't go. We like to go far far away once ppl recommended is good..

Last Sunday, finally I able to drag them to go. Only mum, bro and me. All of us first time there, don't know which is good. We out of the house before the sky turn dark so we got enough time to scan the restaurant one by one. We went over to those shop lots opposite Giant first. I saw shops are familiar to me, coz I read from blog before where ppl post about it. Later went over to the Giant side and browsing on more restaurants. I just up to them to choose which one they want to dine in, cause this time I'm going to belanja them. They not use to dine at good restaurant, especially those with nice and comfy interior one, coz they said is pricy with normal dishes... that why is hard for them to choose.

Finally after 35 minutes round n round, going to pening, my mum decided to eat here - Restaurant Kampung Ah Soh (农圃食家), it is one of the shop behind Citibank and OCBC Bank.
A corner near the entrance
Inside the restaurant
This restaurant having varieties of kampung style dishes and Chang (chinese dumpling). They are the only branch of the well known Y.Y.Famous.Dumplings from Pandan Jaya. We have tried a few thumbs up and recommended dishes with rice.

河婆擂茶 Lui Cha Tea Package
五香客家棕 Hakka Chang
大埔算盘子Hakka Yam Abacus
香爆花肉 Fried Pork with in-house sauce
Shark Fin Fish Ball Soup with Seaweed
Tau Fu steam egg
铁观音茶 Tea
I ate a lot, all dishes are delicious and all of us eat full. There are many more special dishes, will come back to try out some other time. As the sky turns dark, the restaurant is getting more and more people.

No.19, Jalan Puteri 1/4,
Bandar Puteri,
47100 Puchong.
Tel/Fax: 03-8068 2388

From the time we get out the house, Terry was fully awake and stomach full. So he is no problem playing by himself with spoon and small plate. He just suddenly want it so badly till we can't touch it and can't leave it in the car while we get down.

So, we got to bring it along. Thats the only thing occupy him throughout our dinner. By giving him some rice, he plays with it and rice stick all over his 2 little palm. Who cares la, as long as he not disturb us and want us to carry. We head home after that as this lil boy started to get cranky and cry right after we finished the dinner. Probably he is getting tired and wanted to have another nap. Right after bath him, he dose off immediately.

You see how much he likes it.


L'abeille said...

Hahah..Sasha's boy love spoon. Yours pulak love plate...

I'm now hunting for another kid who loves some other kitchen stuff ;)

Sean said...

wah... very nice environment, you guys had lotsa foods!

jazzmint said...

yum yum, must go try

Amidrin said...

wah... three of you can finish up so many dishes? looks very yummy. Really nice to get to enjoy your dinner while your boy behaves good ya.

Judy said...

Amidrin: we are big eater, not a problem.

jazzmint: Yeah, you should go try, many other nice dishes.

Annie Q said...

rest look unique and the food look yummy! I should go and try that out too!

FL Sam said...

I gonna try it soon with your thumb ups for the food there. :)

slavemom said...

Terry's so cute holding the plate while sleeping. And he's such a good boy. The plate n spoon can occupy him throughtout dinner. Peaceful dinner for all. :)