Saturday, October 13, 2007

Problem with Paypal payment

I just notice recently that my Smorty payment history is not telly with payment accept in Paypal. First I thought was Smorty didn't make the payment. I did do a Paypal history data export and do cross checking with Smorty payment history side by side. I found that there are 2 transactions, which Smorty have paid me and Paypal didn't pay me.

Immediately I email the Smorty support and tell them the case. They make clarification that they have make the payment out on specific date and they did received verification from Paypal that they have delivered the payment to me. But in actual I don't even received any email on the 2 particular date about the payment made. If I have accept the funds or goes auto accept, sure it will be display in the Paypal history. After searching high low, confirm that I couldn't found any from Paypal history.

Now problem must goes to Paypal, I still waiting whatever verification code ID that Smorty have, to prove that they have send the fund out to them, which happen that they not debited into my account. Else I don't know how to explain to them that I didn't received the pay. That 2 transaction amount is USD30. Finger cross that I can get it back.

Lately problem with Paypal again as advertiser have issued the payment and we are getting our fund late.

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