Friday, October 19, 2007

A day at cousin's house

Yesterday my aunt from Ipoh came to KL. So as usual, those KL aunties will gather at my cousin's house to have gathering. My mum brought me and Terry over for the gathering too. They brought over some nice Ipoh tau-geh, chicken, own plant vege and lala for dinner.

We reach there after our lunch around 2.45pm. Almost 1 hour from my place to Kota Damansara. At first I thought to go for have a quick shop at 1 Utama, but since the time is late when we reach, so I cancel it. We chit-chatted and play with the my niece and nephew. Terry boy also busy hold and walk around, digging stuff and open drawers. I just let him play with them, follow them in out...just be sure the cabinet and places doesn't have things that can hurt him. Should be not la..coz my cousin have a hyperactive kid too.

Around 4.30pm, I changed him then take a nap with him. In 20 minutes time he doze off without making any fuss and sleep for 2 hours after I finished my dinner. Again everyone around praise him that he can play alone, take the "sang-bou" bed and sleep long too. As he plays around with kids, he shows improvement in walking. He able to take few more steps unsupported and walking distance is far than usual too.

Around 7.30pm, we went home.


Baby Darren said...

he is always such a good boy..darren must learn from are really lucky, judy!

slavemom said...

Terry's such a good boy. I'm sure he had lots of fun playing with his little cousins.

jazzmint said...

looks likes he's pretty tired after playing with cousin.