Friday, October 19, 2007

16 months old


Weight: 11.8kg

Again I'm late for this round update. Tomorrow he will turn 17 months. Here is a quick update of my little boy achievements.
  • The biggest achievement around 16 months 1.5 weeks old, he begin to walk unsupported. He will hold on table, bar or wall, get balance by himself first then he will walk towards the direction that face in front of him with hand widely open. As he walk to the front, we got to ready to hug and support him.

  • Still on knee crawling most of the time. If his hand hold on something, he will go army crawl.
  • His turn to hold my hand and do actions like clapping, "dim choong choong", peek-a-poo, and feed us makan with spoon.
  • Started to eat baby biscuit (baby bites) for the very first time. He hold and chew the pieces all by himself. Before this I never give any teething biscuit or baby biscuit to him, as he will hold and throw away. When ask for his food, he willing to share it.
  • He enjoy his food very much. After the spoon leave his mouth with food, he will say "mmm...".
  • Food consumption still remain. 3 times milk (6-7 oz) and 2 times porridge. He don't like to chew food, always used to swallow. I still reluctant to start rice and soup feed.
  • Love the cartoon of Elmo's world, Little Einstein (did the pat-pat), Mickey Mouse club house and Pocoyo. Once he watch on these titles he will giggle and won't make any moves. I watched these cartoons with him everyday and now I can read to him the conversation of the Little Einstein (the part when they got a mission) and a bit from Danny and Daddy (the funny 5 mins cartoon talking in baby language).
  • Sit on a board, placed cross over the arm chair to have hair cut. He won't dare to move an inch and just cry when the hair trimmer and scissor working. I just stand beside and hold one of his hand. Overall no big fuss, just cry very pity with tears and mucus.
  • He won't cry long if fall or I scold, once distract his crying with something he will stop immediately. Sometime after I scold or beat, I don't bother to stop his cry too and he will stop by himself after I walk away.
  • He able to stay quiet to sit on the baby high chair while we eat out, to about 1 hour. Just give him something to play (most of the time small plate and spoon) and feed him whatever he can eat from the table. He will then take him spoon and pretend to eat there, bite the spoon or try to feed us.
  • He able to show the things I asked for with eye contact, like when I asked where is mummy cooking (he will look at the kitchen), where bobo (I call my boy "bo-bo") take bath and poo-poo (he will look at bedroom), where is on/off the fan (he will look at the switches), where is bobo car (he will look at his push car), where is bobo stroller go kai-kai (he will crawl to it), where is shoe (look at it). Almost he can get all correct and understand the objects. Looks like I should start on flash card to help him learn more.
  • Like to sleep with stomach and face facing down. Got to put him back into lying position after he sleep soundly.
  • When ask him to kiss, he will do it once if he like. No repeated one if ask again, he will push your face away.
  • At my mum's place he will go to the kitchen area and open/close cabinets and fridge door, no ransacking, just open and close. At own home, he will stop to go about once reach the floor side of the kitchen area. He won't dare to go one step down to the kitchen area. So I still doesn't need a safety gate yet.
  • He will call out "be-be" whenever he see babies on TV, bear on shirt, Mickey mouse on the drinking cup and etc..
  • When he saw we talk on phone, handphone or those TV showing ppl talking on the phone, he will say "Hello". He call it out as "Ah Oooo..." very long drag the Ooo..and put his hand beside the ear.
  • When he saw us carrying plastic bag, he will say "mum-mum".
  • When he saw us writing, he also want a piece of paper and pen too. Give pen and magazine, he don't want magazine, insist to get a paper.
  • Continue to update....later..



TheBlueRanger said...

hey! ethan also like to do 'dim choong choong'

vickylow said...

Judy, Chloe doesn't know to chew rice, mainly milk, porridge and biscuit like Terry. I show her chew technique but she though I request for her "mummum" and start dig her rice in her mouth to feed me. *sigh*

Baby Darren said...

oh boy..he has grown so much and he looked so cute..he is "heavy" too...can't wait to meet him personally..

slavemom said...

Happy 17 mths old, Terry! Soon, he'll be walking all over the plc and u've to follow him everywhere.
CE too likes to 'pat pat pat' when watching Little Einsteins and sometimes raises his hands to 'blast off'. hehehe