Friday, December 31, 2004

Last day...

Year 2004 is going to end. Quickly rap up here. What I found in me in this 2004.

Personality - I felt like I'm quite easy to let things turn me off, easily to get angry or dissapointed.
Health - Very bad this year, I break record of my 25 years of living, visit doctor the most this year. Health become weaker. Mainly due to work stress.
Relationship - Stepping into a new status of life soon. Many things started to change, get a new living of 2 and 2 become 1.
Work - This year really learn a lot after promoted, but still feel not enough. I also learn on
my department culture, relationship within manager and team, how to deal with different level of colleagues.
A good experience.
Family - Many new borns and marriage around, happy to see the babies are growing up.
Future In-Law family - Relationship getting better, but still not my ideal one yet. Needs lot of improvement for coming years.
Financial - Still enough to survive but my target for monthly saving plan was failed to achieve, this is very bad.
But getting better on how to pampered myself. Good or bad? need money too oh...
Friends - Own friends getting lesser and lesser, besides those close one are still contact frequently, mostly if
I not call them up they won't call me. But good things is those long lost friends, I mean those not keep in touch for
years are kept calling me up for gathering. Besides that, I also get to know some new friends.

Here share with you some of the moment from office in the last few days.

Christmas gifts on top of my PC

With colleagues at reception area (Yan (friend-part timer), Yee and Wei Fern)

Farewell with Con Nee (Ying Fun, Michelle, Alice, Yee and Chew)

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