Thursday, December 23, 2004


Company entertainment committee leader call up for meeting today, she announced that the team is going to retired, including herself, meaning that next year comittee faces no longer the same group of ppl. She gave each of us some words of appreciation for working together for 2 years time in organising event. Her words to me: "I likes you very much, Judy in a way that you are very reliable, thank you very much for staying up till today and help us in all event".

Well, actually my wish was half year ago I already want to quit the team, but she ask me to stay on till end of the year to wrap all events up nicely, so this is what I promise, and now I stay until today. Is year end now, not only me want to quit in fact 3/4 of the team want to quit. Left 3 fresh blood continue carry on the team...

Next Tuesday going to hand in resign letter, feeling hard to type it actually..very hard, first time, my first time writing resign letter...gosh..I don't want my words to be too harsh and direct. Although she have been treating me a bit unfair to others..but deep inside actually I'm having very very hard feel to leave the company and my teammate. The letter I'm writing now is fill up with words of gratitude and wishes, at least I feel better that way. Today I gave her a Christmas card as seasons greeting and next Tuesday give her resign letter, on the same day me and another of my colleague Amilia will give resign letter, I dunno how she feel by then. Both of us not purposely arrange to hand in on the same day, but we each have own reasons to leave and now is the time. 2 months notice, can leave less than 2 months time after deducted the balance leave days...Count down the days I'm leaving very very soon.

Final year already now. in this company. Today I gave them each a christmas small present as a wish to them for Merry Christmas and also as an token of appreciation for working on my projects. Aside happy aside miss...hhaiii...never talk much today due to having that mood, coz really having the feeling of very very miss them..

1st Christmas eve night, I'm not joining caroling team. coz I still haven't adjust my missing mood..need some quiet time...

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