Sunday, December 05, 2004

Another part of preparation

Right after church at 12pm.

1200 - Testing dish at Brandon's site wedding dinner restaurant, Imbi Palace. 8 course meals. Having simple and nice interior. Comment a bit on the first two dishes, get invitation card for Bridegroom site done under restaurant arrangement. Table number and floor plan all are on our hand. Brandon can start his guest arragement.

1530 - New house key finally claim it from the ant-slow lawyer, drag us for 1 year time to settle all things between the lawyer for 1st owner change to 2nd owner...fed up to the max. Both side of our family step in to the new condo and roughly talk about the renovation need to be done. Merely satisfied. 3 bedrooms, 2 toilets - 900+ sq.ft. Just nice la for 2 person. Golf club view from balcony. I can see many restriction on renovation from other stay in tenant. eg. like the extention of awning and grill used. Well..undertsand all need to follow condo R&R. Many complain need to make to the management, about our parking bay, corridor darkness, electricity and water..etc..and others matter. Renovation worker will roll on their work by this week.

1645 - Call up the bridal house to make sure they have settle and get ready our request of things-to-do in mind. Really another kind of fed-up, after they finish done yand hand over the album and paid in full, all they seldom take ur order and other request in mind, 2 times already they forget their promised to give us call. What kind of service is this huh? need to give them a unsatisfied customer service.

1700 - Went to Sg. Wang area to shopping for a while. Brandon have suggested me to submit my resignation letter and get ready to help him in the office. Well, this is not something surprise, I know this day will come.

2100 - Hand him a 2004 Ikea magazine and get some colour and design idea. Thats my day.

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