Saturday, December 04, 2004

Biscuit :|

Yesterday after work went check out for the wedding biscuit maker at this Salak South Garden, so action like they themselve only doing their business.
An old lady talking in typical cantonese "Those order after Christmas, we not take..No no (with hand waving of "no") ..we need to make CNY biscuit already, others biscuit all cut" ( in my mind "what? sai ng sai after xmas so fast stop production, summore my one need is a week more before CNY")
I reply: "Ok la, ng koi sai" then walk away.

Shit...kena red ants bite my leg n ankle, coz the place we park the car many grass cover with red ants long not experience damn pain and itchi of the red ants bites! the feeling cover until my whole body...

Back home tell my mum about the story and finally we call up cousin brother who manufacturer cake and bread in Kepong, ask him to look for nice biscuit maker at his area and he promised to help us to find the maker and he so nice he even promised me if no one make for me he willing to take my order.

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