Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Letter to Manager

Finally and finally today I submit the resign letter to manager. I hand it to her after lunch. I don't know what to say, knock her door and give her the letter with a smile, then I walked away. Hmm...feeling hard, very very hard. Not more than half an hour later, she interkom me ask me go to her room, when I'm there, Asistant manager at her room too.

First thing she asked me whether I not happy working here and what makes me have such decision. So I told her all my reasons and she accept it without further asking more and she will inform me on my last day. As told Amilia and I, both hand in letter today. We went in her room after one another.

Check the account today, yippiee! bonus was bank in. But think won't enough for me also.

Buying many things to the new house. Start clean up the house now, since yesterday and every weekend..very tiring..we need to mud the holes on the wall, paint the whole house, clean all things which have fixed in...etc...luckily my dad and brother is there to help out too.

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