Saturday, December 11, 2004

Annual Dinner 2004

Mat-Hatters Annual Dinner and Dance Night, at Pan Pacific, Glenmarie. My last annual dinner with this company, taken a lot of photo with colleagues. A very fun night. Another of better year of annual dinner. As a committee, running all night to do all things I assigned. Not eating much, but still very enjoy the whole environment. Not a lucky draw winner and also team performance winners.

Committee as one who can leave early to get prepared, but end up I work until 5.30pm, need to rush for a delay project. End up I dress up in the office and reach there by 7pm. What happen is the person in charge who do data entry for this project giving her reason and she leave the office early with others to get prepare for annual dinner instead of finish her job first. End up I asked her to speak the manager becoz of her early leave, I dunno is noit my right to let her go or not, as her work not yet done, all stay but not herself!...guess what the boss agreed to let her go and left 30 thick q'naires to me which need to punch in. End up I got no choice, I seek for help from other colleagues, of coz since I so urgent some of "them" min keong help me to punch all data in, as I need to rush for another project tabulation too. After all finish my eye and brain blur..too rush all in a few hours. Faster I get myself dress up and go for the night.

Wei Fern (schmate cum colleague), Yang (Prj.Dir)

Colleagues from Research, aren't their hat is nice?

"Lovely" May

Best Dress Male and Female

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