Thursday, December 16, 2004

Christmas sensation

Over the week, beside very busy with suddent work load, this never stop me from shopping for Christmas gift. These few nights have been busy wrapping up the gift bought, really treasure when wrapping it nicely. While I wrapping I only realise that I bought more than last year and year before..haha...Hopefully the small gift can bring out the meaning of celebrating Christmas to my frens. Suprisingly, my lovely cousin sis hand post me her early christmas gift and wishes to my office mailbox and I got that collect from the reception. This is my first Christmas gift of the year!

The shopping mall here are truly fill with christmas joy. Throughout the year in everywhere I noticed only Christmas season celebration ppl are more emphasize on. Even the lift music already change to Christmas carols. So warm every morning can listen to it, and start singing it inside my heart. The most eye-catching one is the apparel Esprit theme for this season is "Peace, Joy, Hope". Everyone see this is is to celebrate the Saviour Jesus Christ is born!

Today during lunch time, I even help to decorate the office christmas tree. Actually this is my very first time decoration it. Few of us, together hang up all the tree decoration item and get the small neon light on. Gazing at it after complete, feel joy in my heart.

Great news from the management, we entitle to have 1 day replacement public holiday on any day within a week after christmas this same goes to New Year holiday. Today just submit the leave form for 2 days off. Have some little spare time within work today, I took the time to manage my wedding dinner guest list.

Prayer to God: Father in heavenly, praise you in the name of God. Bless me with joy everyday and keep me in your safety hand. Pls lead me in doing more thing to prove that you are the true mighty God. Your born to the world is the great salvation to the universal. Hereby, I surrender all my family and friends onto your hand, God pls keep them in peace and healthy. Thats always my wish put upon you. Keep me safe tonight till the next day, in Jesus name I pray. Amen.

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