Monday, December 06, 2004

Year-end Performance and Development Review

Having my Self Review form last week from boss for appraisal use. Start filling up today..aahh...don't know what to write also, every year almost the continue do my best, be more familiarize with the application, ability and efficient in handling job..etc... My appointment have set on this coming Wednesday 4pm-5pm together with Assistant Manager.

Since my resignation plan have already in set, write watever also not turn out for the next 12 months. This Wednesday I just tell them whatever I feel not right all the while I'm in my position and work. I won't mention anything about my next year plan and resign, afraid that the company will hold back my bonus, wasted right...hahaha..I think normally ppl aso will do like my way la.. Plan to submit the letter to Manager a few days before 1/1/2005. My next plan will be working together with Brandon, right after wedding. Believe this will be my life long permanent job as 'one leg kick'...

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Anonymous said...

[[vialentino]] u going to resign? why?