Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Appraisal day

Well, appraisal time 35 mins, so short in fact...step in the room when Manager call up at 4pm. Bring along the piece of form I wrote, pass to her, then she begin to review the score I hold in some job area. Half of it added 1 score others remain. Well, still quite satisfied with the score given, is the range of 7-9.

Listed also the job area I should covered and improved until next yr Dec. (oh.oh..I going to resign ya!..) mention here ok...pretend like nothing...After that is time for me to talk and Manager talk. eem...pretty normal is not what I expected...She talked more than me and she can turn one of my bad point abt me in her own nice way..well ok..I dun really take that out voice out my reasons, coz whatever she say will be right and reasonable all time..the point is about "dun try to reject any job assign to u" ...her reason was an exec level should know how to plan time to slot in..damn! same dateline how to manage to do both in 1 day. Why me? why not give to other who do not have the same dateline...thats why I said she have her way. I dun sound any. Sometime the data processing work is she think that the previous day I got 3 projects in same dateline, coz of some delay and happen crash up all in 1 day. I didn't complain it. As I know is not what I want. But those project having same date before hand dun pass to same person la..this is not the matter that I know how to plan my time or others also they should know that not try to give same person to handle same project dateline.

Another complain is about one of my regional job timing given is very short all the time and the problem I have with the having-her-own-world and straight-forward Researcher. Hope this is improved and not carry forward to the next person in-charge of this project after I leave.

Good luck my colleague. Sometime is very fed-up facing the "fake" faces..whereby manager having own fav team and all circumstances happen to her fav team to "them" they still feel good coz got at the back got protector there. well I just do whatever drop on me now. I just wan to leave in peaceful. (^_^),v

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