Thursday, December 02, 2004

I still love to move around

Trial Yogilates at this Yoga Studio Tmn. Desa. Wow...many stretching and pulling steps...nothing is easy in Yoga. I don't like it, I still prefer those aerobics kind of classes. Coz can move and hip around, Yoga is repeat the same step many many time and need more focus. I not sweat as much like I have during classes workout.

Gain body ache after 1 day trial, especially my shoulder, arm and thigh part. Yoga movement is more focus on abdominal and spine.

Still remember I crazily join all contest on last issue of CLEO, guess what I got call up from them and I won myself 2 complementary passes to Fitness First for 1 day workout from 7am - 7pm, only can attend FF Damansara Uptown. Will go with Carol this Saturday. Well, although this is not the prize I wish for, great that have something also la..

Call up from Pretty Bows, for the leafs I ordered are reach. But, a bit dissapointed that they have all are red one, not a single piece in maroon, this coz by the production site..duh...well I will go and check out, if it match with the pink background which I'm going to have it then I'll take all.

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