Sunday, December 12, 2004

Visit to factory and annual dinner

2 days ago I suffered leg ankle pain again. This time terrible coz the next day need to go Ipoh. The night before I feel like not going already, but I still pack up just hope that the next day will be better after apply some muscle release gel. Gosh! is getting more terrible. Before going, Brandon brought me to clinic to get some med to control and kill the pain. Doc said take 2 days to recover, he asked me to rest and not to walk too much.

This round going to Ipoh with Brandon's supplier. A annual dinner + factory visit. We went there by bus with other dealers. At noon, we reached Crickets lighter factory in Teluk Intan. The boss brought us round his whole factory, I can see now how a smaller and alim lighter produce from injap gas, to fix the top cap, QC check, printing design on it and packaging. The supervisor also explain to us along the way. Before we left, we each get a special edition of lighter, 5 in a each box, all having different design.

Crickets boss served us lunch at Lower Perak Club, Teluk Intan. Later went to visit Gua "Sam Poh". Check in hotel, we all stayed in Excelsior Hotel in the Ipoh town. At night Annual Dinner in "The Mouth Restaurant" at Green town. At the night, the boss serve his dealer Cigar. Each given a big cigar as souvenior. All cigar imported from Swiss. The whole restaurant fill with strong cigar puff. Even Brandon a non-smoker also start smoking. Ladies are also given a normal cigarrette size of coffee taste cigar to try, well I not dare to try. So I just take in the "second-hand" puff. The night all like big boss mouth having a big long cigar. Free flow are normal size of mild cigar. At the award time, the boss serve another round of cigar to the a few dealer. This good quality cigar was told that it store in a -20'C cold box.

Sunday after having breakfast, we leave Ipoh, back to KL. Today my leg feel better. But I need to get rid of this sickness, as this is my 3rd time. Very suffer every time. Is like u can't even walk properly and no mood is doing all things uuhh.. Tomorrow have make appointment with a leg therapy to check my leg.

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