Tuesday, January 11, 2005

A better year?

More than a week not blogging, hows everyone who reading this? Wishes of Happy New Year to you might be later for now. Anyway, all ppl no celebration this year, as tsunami have come before new year. My contribution to the tsunami victims are by giving donation and prayer. Watching thru the TV News and seeing the dead body and broken family, my heart feel pain. Yesterday read an email as following:-

The Tsunami happened in SW countries of China was predicted by the Chinese traditional farmer prediction system accurately. It also tell there is another one in NE countries of China (Japan and Korea) in 2005. Which is being confirmed by the geographical scientist already. So, don't plan your trip to Korea or Japan in 2005. One more thing, I guess you may heard about the "White Dragon King" in Thailand, right? Michael's friend went to Thailand and visit him before 26 Dec. The White Dragon King asked her to leave Thai immediately as there is a disaster coming. So she left and escape from the disaster. However, he also asked her not to go outside and stay at home in HK on 8 Feb (Year 30th) after 9:00 pm. He said something bad will happen in HK at that period. Inform your families or friends if possible.

Do not know how true is this prediction or is it a rumours, just take pre-caution. Yesterday watching a tsunami short take on Ch32, the reporter saying that the tsunami take place during Christmas is it God throw tantrum to the world as Christmas people were only go for celebration, instead of remember the character behind the season. Or is this pre-sign of end world? no body knows ..as war, disaster were all slowly happen now..

Over the new year week, I was busy cleaning the new house and buying furniture. Almost done now, next week can shift in. My last day of working in Synovate as a DP Executive will end 8th Feb.'05. Plan after stop work will prepare all things for the wedding. These few weeks also very very busy with works...this is also another reason no time to update the blog.

Will update more if time allows. Take care!

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