Thursday, January 20, 2005

All done..

This week can see the new house almost done with all furniture come in. Still very busy in buying things...many many more...

Yesterday went to registered Telekom line, too bad the area line was currently unavailable and been told that it was cause by too many new user register at the same time. So I'm now in waiting list and have to wait after 3 days the technician will call me again to go submit the register form. After that, went to submit marriage registration form. Thank God is was fast and all photocopy document I brought none of that being taken. Procedure being simplified and fast. Just show I/C, fill up form and they gave us an appointment letter to inform you the date, thats it. Actually yesterday the goverment office at Maju Junction Mall there was blackout, all PC is not working. Luckily they still able to work with generator on and work on manually is our ROM date. Have set that, 3rd March 2005 is our ROM date.

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