Sunday, January 30, 2005

Sam's wedding

It was a touching night of wedding dinner host by my cousin bro - Sam at Eastin Hotel. Not able to attend his church wedding at noon, but still able to get ang pao from him during tea night it was a good night. 50+ tables, with live band who sing soft english and chinese songs. Slide show on how they each other grow in love and relationship along the 10 years they together. Story telling on how Sam court Pei Yiing..all the way..and also how to ask for marriage from her, it was at Air Asia flight, witness by over 100 ppls with the crew. At that night only I realise how romantic he was.

While dinner is on. He sang a song to his wife and also many words of gratitude to her wife, both parents n friends. Dishes taste not bad. Only things is service is slow. My uncle (Sam's father) also can't wait as his wedding anniversary is 2 days later. He also take his son's night as a oppurtunity to thank my aunt for 30 years contribute to the family. He sang a song 月亮代表我的心 to her and also a pearl necklace as a gift.

Once again, a small small world, I met my colleague - Yang, Prj. Director, and some of my ex-colleague current's colleague, not so familiar with them. With Yang, we chatted a lot about the company and our works he said my leave is a good thing if not for my own reasons. So far I know, many of my colleague want to leave in mind, just wait for the time only.

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