Wednesday, February 02, 2005

In this day

Yesterday was holiday, I went shopping with Evan (cousin sis) for her bridesmaid wear, more pink one bought a pink shoe, thats it. Bought a lot of thing, I got myself an extra gown cream white color for my wedding dinner, love it very much...coz the bridal house only provide 2 pieces, which is 1 piece I need to wear it a week earlier and return the next 3 days. I can't hold until next week, else they will charge like I taking another piece...everything we got quite satisfied. Shop for 4.5 hours. Very tired!

At night, need to distribute biscuit and cards to friend. Still got some to go for today...Can't wait any longer since the biscuit reach me on last Sunday. These few days I lack of sleep, everyday also vy tired, tell myself to sleep early, but cannot also, have a lot of things to think n do..not much appetite to eat, eye circle all come 'chan'...may b need to put down all work then only can get a good rest. This morning worst still, my left eyelid corner there swollen. I so scare mum said may be is 'ngan tiew jam' bad la..20 more days to be bride liow...cannot today I waer spec to office. Nerdy look! then I try to use water to dap on the eye area. now the swollen side is almost looks gone. Luckily... I think is insects bite...

Counting down now, 4 more days stay in this office, 2 more projects to close, not sure can close on-time or not and 2 more projects yet to pass to my 'pity' assistant colleague. I try to protect not to give her but at last still can't make it arrange not to giv her. Well ok lorr..follow the so-free-n-nothing-to-do assistant manager instruction. Both also tuff one..well...really pity her, who ask I'm fall in the 'favourite' team. So tuff project always circulate to us only. hai...hopefully she can cope with it..else she'll suffer a lot from top ppl after I go. Start packing up my cubicle stuff back home little by little.

This Friday night, my colleague will farewell with me at Chopstick Noodle house, we going to try out Porridge Steamboat. They make it earlier, coz on the 8th Feb, some are off for CNY holiday. Many great ppl here, miss are the people, but not the crazy work!

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