Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Wedding preparation again

Wedding invitation cards all out. Dunno is it I too rush in writing the cards, I got some relatives and friends complain their name wrote wrongly, aahh..I feel so bad and very very sorry to them. Now need to call one by one to comfirm attandance, almost done. Total 31 tables. Re-arrange some seating plan, and also prepare for next Friday bachelorette at my house.

Right after back from Ipoh, I started packing up my room's thing shifted to new house, on the same time throw away some unwanted item. Things are sending to new house, batch by batch. Tomorrow, I have invite a few church members to sing praise and pray at my new house, for the purpose to bless the house.

This coming Sunday is the first night dinner, I do not have much to prepare just to make sure my gown, make-up artist and aware of it.

Valentine's day, no celebrate, as both also busy get things ready. A raining night, I accompany my mum to buy things at nearby. Brandon met a small accident on the way back home, it was raining and road slippery. Luckily not terrible, car repairing now. God will be with us, do not worry. Things will be ok.

Gown bought

Tailor-made Cheong sam

Wedding card and cake

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