Saturday, February 05, 2005

Farewell I

Yesterday still very busy to finish my project and also work OT, still have 2 more not yet finish :( Some colleagues came to me, and gave me gift for farewell and wedding, knowing that I'm going to leave, and because yesterday were the last time they see me in the office, since next week they'll be off for CNY. Everyone seems very miss me and they feel lost of a good staff. In my heart feel very miss them also cause we are so fren and the close of each other is more than just only colleagues. I truly miss them after I go. Many many cross feeling.

Manager only announced my leave on last meeting. Kinda late compared to last time, when they are somebody leaving. Well I dun expect any farewell from the department. Those my teammate already farewell with me and I think is more than enough only with few of them.

Here are some pic taken with my colleagues and during dinner.

Research dept.

Healthcare dept.

Field dept.

Dinner at Chopstick Noodle House with teammate

My Senior Alice (left seated) and Michelle (left stand) who brought me up since I'm assistant.

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