Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Chinese New Year 2005

After finished all works on my last day, looked around the cubicle, left 2 ppl only..so I left the company quietly..with both hand taking my stuff..

At night reunion dinner at my uncle's house, with lots of dishes and lou sang, after that chit-chat with cousins, nieces, nephews and aunties.. Seems like this CNY is my "last" time before I married can have gather dinner with all own uncles and aunties, next year after married have to follow husband side liow..

First day of CNY, went to the same uncle house again, he is the eldest son in my father's side, so all relatives will go there when there is any occasion. So..hehe...this year is my last time taking angpau, haha..must greet greet around very hard to grab all..not bad manage to get a lot also..After that visit my dad's kam poh around that area also...at night went to Brandon's house with my family.

2nd day, went back to Ipoh (mother's side relatives). Happy to see them once again, once I step into my uncle's house ppl starts calling me "san liong" (bride)..ok..haha..bride-to-be..We have BBQ night, lamb and beef grill, pork grill, chicken wings, satay, fried mee..etc..wahh...very delicious...always hometown food is that great! it was a very hot day..too bad my uncle's house the electric voltage comes too high cause his house some electrical item spoilt. At first we though is overload used, actually is not. There was one electric generator house failed to cut off the watt power which deliver to his residential area. So those house who install 3 phase electric wayer will kena. It was scary when the voltage come unevenly, the lamp starts blinking and make sounds, and the fan motor also having something burn inside. My uncle immediatedly call his electric wayer man came over to check, he check for a while and when he tried to switch on the TV wayer connection, dunno what burns inside, TV is gone also with smoke starts coming out. After some primary inspection done, he said he can't do anything, coz it cause by the main electric deliver, not the wayering problem. Therefore, my aunty call Tenaga ppl to come and investigate and says that the spoilt item can claim back. Too bad lorrr...we can't stay there, hot hot weather, so we shift to cousin sis house, aircon all must on, dunno why Ipoh is that hot than KL.

3rd day, enjoy eat n sleep around..bring nephews, nieces and with cousins to shop at JJ, Ipoh..other than that no where to go, 3 days CNY at Ipoh area, sometimes go to this cousin's house, sometimes go to that uncle's house. I enjoy staying in the house, if not chit-chat with cousin or play with the babies then is sleep..I sleep a lot n eat a lot..no gambling...

Manage to collect many ang pao..total up although not much but enjoy collecting....

Reading the newspaper, traffic to North is terrible. My KL relative travel for 7 hours back to Ipoh, my cousin's gf travel from Malacca also 9 hours..so terrible..Luckily when my family travel it was nothing, 2 hours sharp reached Ipoh and back to KL also seems alright and normal. All the way, police in the canopy stand by camera. Dunno got kena or not...even old road also got.

This is how my CNY passed, simple, enjoy and treassure.

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