Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Just married...

Wedding events just finish and now consider settle down. Leaving down a unforgettable moment in my life. Will share more pic with u. I'm still doing it now..a total of 700+ pic taken to record down this precious moment.

Updating time...after 2 days of rest for wedding ceremony, I've start working now. From that day, I'm having new life, new work, new house, new environment, everything seems new. After got married really really feel missing home. I'm crying when I'm alone at home and when think of my mum...I try my best to adapt this new life, is not easy at first..now slowly cna used to it already.

As you know I'm working with my husband now, no longer computer environment...work in a warehouse, with only 3 staffs..I'm doing many things..everything have to learn, especially accounting and inventory system, still very hard to pick up. coz I'm not into account line...have to learn very very hard...

My routine no longer that relax like last time, now got own home, everything have to be independent and do ownself. Now learn cooking...every morning till today I cooked our own breakfast. Last Sunday, I even cooked a 3 course dinner (soup, stir fish, and vege), feel a lil bit satisfaction, first time ok..although looks simple. I used up 2 hours to prepared it. First time in my life cook this. Lou Kong, be patient with me ok...I can do better. Now due to working time, night time dinner is hard for me to do.

Will update more later.

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