Thursday, March 24, 2005


Another weeks passed, start catching up the system here and since everyday keying in product code, I can memorize some of those code and price. Since establish this company is running China-man style until today. According to FiL, we need to fully computerize the accounting and invoicing system here, as currently only invoicing system is stand alone which it not automatically link up to accounting system. All this while the account work is done manually, which is very waste of time and a lot of work, that’s why now I’m helping a lot in journal posting. We are now looking on the UBS accounting system. Any good recommendation? which include of training and support.

Just shared with my dad lately, my job now is totally different environment from computer. He ask me does my computer knowledge wasted? For me I feel it is, coz looking at job wise it is a waste, coz not related already..but think at another way, computer is one of my interest field. I’m only able to spend 2.5 years doing what I’m interest. Hehe…now is different story. I’m sure no matter God put me where, He still will give me that field of wisdom and patient. That’s also a good thing for me to learn other things than computer.

Since our 8 days Beijing trip is 3 more months to go, Brandon is encouraging me to train up my stamina and hope improve health before we go. After some consideration, I have signed up Fitness First, home member of Leisure Mall, Cheras starting next month. This is the center I saw the most pack and noisy one. Since opening mid of Feb, there are 2,000+ members now, that’s why I still not yet get my member gift (bag, tumbler..etc.), things are out of stock..OMG! While I touring the workout area, none of the machine there were available, and classes are always pack and full. For those machines, when you are start using it, ppl may come to ask you when u finish using…oh…very pity man, I told Brandon that, dunno I able to fit in to do my cardio or not, else I may upgrade to passport member.

Yahoo!!! today going to go back to eat mum’s cook…very miss it…may hav my hair cut today…think of change style..see how la…


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Shirlyn said...

good to hear u have another new happy life. n happy to know u joined FF hee hee. I went to leisure mall once but I don't like it. It is very packed n small spaces. Feel uncomfortable I still prefer else where... :> hope to see u again