Saturday, April 02, 2005

Work out

Yeah, finally cut my hair, no change hairstyle, just cut it short above shoulder...yes, very short now..Have started to work out at Fitness since Monday ago. Everyday go there on time after work. My work out was, joined class for 1 hour and cardio for half and hour, for me thats enough for the day. Coz I just love all the group class.

I work out seriously, even in the class, especially if there is a good instructor n I can follow on well. May be yes...too serious, I think during bodycombat class on Wednesday ago, I accidentally twist my knee part not using the balance strength to do back kick and side kick..and now the muscle was very painful when bending my leg and the action when going sitting down, wah V_V..really killing me...

Yesterday I just used the muscle rub to reduce the pain. This morning feel a lil bit better. Hopefully the muscle rub can save me else the pain is come from somewhere else.

After married, I have gain 1 kg weight leh..coz during wedding month my weight really have went down, may b is because of different feeling and ok...gain back weight and now I even can eat more than last time. Hopefully gym work out will help me a read on see hows my progress..

Check out => new Photo Album added. Not much uploaded yet, only a few taken with friends.

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