Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Is you..

As usual, yesterday aft work went to workout. When I reached the locker area, somebody called my name very load at the seat in front of the locker. Ohh…is you Stephanie Yap, a friend, I know during my part time job. Long time not see nor called her. Very happy to see her back again, but do not hav much time to chit chat with each other, coz I rush to join class and she was about to shower and go home. So..we just hang on there, hope to see her again another round.

Join bodycombat class and instructor Crystal was very good, always make fast movement, strong one and repeat more time for single action…phew! ~~. No mood to workout longer, just work on some running and join class.

Aft work out, we went to the opposite restaurant “Wong Kok” café to try out their food, it was newly open, with many entrance. Food are ok only..I have a fried spaghetti and hot lemon tea, while Brandon having his Beef chess steam rice with red sauce and a ice-cream waffles.

Today not going to workout. We’ll be visiting a uncle at hospital who have stroke recently. These 2 months many sickness, hospital and pass away cases. All happen to our near relatives. Really sad when I heard of that. May God be with them and take away their sorrow, pain and tears, give them healthy body and mind.

This coming Saturday is my mum birthday, we still thinking how to celebrate.

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